“Greetings to the guests of the state”

Controversial footage of Raffaello, the Neapolitan singer who recorded the opening theme of Gomorrah (http://youtu.be/lqTfiJcTy14), at a concert in Palermo.

Prompted by members of the audience, he first of all (at 0.17″) relays greetings to “the guests of the State”, (i.e. the inmates of its prisons), and provokes ecstatic applause from the crowd. Then (at 2.00″), he sends “thanks and best wishes” to Luigi Abbate, who may  — or may not — be ‘Ginu ‘u mitra’  (Gino the machine gun), alleged ‘godfather’ of the Kalsa distict in which the concert was held.

Corriere del Mezzogiorno (http://corrieredelmezzogiorno.corriere.it/napoli/notizie/cronaca/2012/25-luglio-2012/bacione-forte-gino-abbate-raffaello-saluta-boss-palco-palermitano-2011168309726.shtml) had no doubts about who it was.