You’ll find links here to the American and British editions of my latest book, The Italians, to my best-selling work on modern Spain and to an academic study to which I contributed on the reporting of immigration into the southern United States and southern Europe


The Italians- US Edition book cover
The Italians – US Edition

“This very Italian talent for dusting life with a thick layer of stardust … comes to the fore with greatest effect during Lent. In the Catholic tradition, this is meant to be the grimmest forty days in the calendar … But in Italy it never seems to be quite that bad.”

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The Italians- UK Edition book cover
The Italians – UK Edition

“There are gestures for hunger, agreement, dissent, wedlock, furbizia, insistence, negation, voluptuousness and complicity. … I once did an inventory of gestures and had no difficulty reaching a count of ninety-seven.”

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The New Spaniards

‘You know’, she once said, ‘there are times when I think back to my childhood … and I say to myself “My God! I must be 200 years old.” But I’m not. It’s just that Spain has changed so much.’

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Reporting at the Southern Borders

“I saw my brother go down. I yelled ‘Please, please. He cant swim.’” Some later said they could see people they knew through the portholes scream­ing but not making any sound.”

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